Types Of Worships And The Connection Between Psychics And Religion

Worship is a way of showing our love, devotion and reverence for God and The Lord Our Maker. All religions have their different forms of worship practices and there are many similarities, too, concerning these different forms or types of worship. 
In Christianity, for example, principle forms of worship involve liturgical worship, non-liturgical worship and also several forms of informal and private worships. Liturgical worship refers to regular as well as special church services. This form of worship normally follows pre-set patterns of rituals (these may vary in different faiths and branches of Christianity) of prayers, singing hymns, readings from scriptures and the like. 

Non-liturgical worship, on the other hand, is more informal in nature and can involve discussions of topical themes, but ones related to God, religion and spirituality. During such gatherings, a priest or preacher may deliver sermons on many different topics that are thought to hold interest for the attendees. And sermons are not readings from scriptures (although they may contain lengthy quotes from the Holy Book). They are written by individuals (typically by the preachers themselves) or are delivered impromptu. 

Both these two forms of worship (liturgical and non-liturgical) are congregational worships. The devotees attend these services together and as such, may often feel connected to each other via their common faith and through their love of and devotion for God. 

Informal worship

On the other hand, we have informal worship and this can take a variety of different forms such as private prayers, singing praises to the god, offering sacrifices, holding festivals or special events in the honor of God, etc.. Celebrating the spirit of God and religion through joyful and spontaneous shouts, claps, dancing, etc. can also be seen as so many different forms of informal worship. 

psychic readings

But are psychics or psychic readings uk related to religion? Can they have an impact on religion on any manner? It is a complex question, but the least we can affirm is that both religious practices (including forms of worship) and psychic sessions or gatherings have one thing in common: faith. 

Extra information about psychic readings uk

Believers attend church services or follow worship practices common to a religion (or a branch of religion) because they have faith in God. Similarly, those who attend psychic sessions or visit psychic or clairvoyant readers do so because they have belief or faith in a higher spirit. 
Now, belief in a higher spirit or in various psychic phenomena actually precedes any established form of religion. However, even in modern times, there are different ways in which psychics can have an impact on religion. For instance, legends or anecdotes relating to many famous psychics and their abilities can actually make skeptics and/or atheists inclined to believe in a higher power or spirit, be it God or something else. And in time, many of these people may turn into believers and can subscribe to one or other faith or religion.

Also, some forms of worship, such as Quakers' meetings may have been at least partly influenced by forms of psychic gatherings. Just as in a séance, for example, Quakers spend many of their meetings in complete silence. They do this in order to connect with God and with others. Of course, in a séance, the psychic plays the lead role and it is he/she who often plays the role of the medium for the dead; whereas in a Quakers' meeting, there is no leader, etc. Nonetheless, the similarity in form may in fact indicate to the fact that religion and various religious practices have more things in common with psychic beliefs and practices than we commonly tend to think.